Salmones Magallanes was founded in Chile’s southern-most region in 1995 under the name Acuimag (Aquiculture of Magallanes). Its name honors the majestic stretch of ocean connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, discovered by Hernando de Magallanes in 1520.

Initially, the company focused on producing eggs and fingerlings for production of Atlantic salmon. It soon built a solid reputation for the fresh water services it provided. In 2006 new associates provided fresh energy to the business, allowing it to expand to include the full cycle of salmon production in the Magallanes Region.

Currently, Salmones Magallanes has concession rights to 27 farm locations, as well as a reproduction center and a recirculation hatchery. This recirculation hatchery is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly of its kind and features very high bio-security standards, thus making us a leader within the region.


We are a salmon producing company. We feed the world with fresh, healthy products that come from the planet’s southern-most region. We respect and care for the environment, our workers and our community. And we adhere to the highest possible quality standards to best satisfy the needs of our consumers.


To proudly feed the world with salmon produced in the Magallanes’ millennial water resources


We are deeply convinced of the need to respect everyone we are involved with, especially the people we work with each day and their families. We do this by creating cordial, helpful, empathetic human relations that build mutual respect. And by respecting the natural resources that help sustain our business. We also do this by adhering to all the internal rules and national policies that govern our industry. And, finally, we do this by showing tremendous respect for the community that we interact with on a daily basis. We are constantly in touch with our community, striving to be perceived as an open, easily accessible business that collaborates in developing the community and in working for the common good.

We always communicate and behave in an honest way, sharing our ideas and concerns openly to whomever it concerns. We work honorably, making judicious and rational use of all the resources we have at hand. This is the best way to respond to the confidence the business has placed in us. We always behave correctly in each and every task we do, making us coherent in what we say and in what we do.

Our commitment
We put our heart and our mind to use in everything we do that is related to our work and to our business. We intensely live this dream on a daily basis, doing whatever we can to meet it. We never forget our personal security because we each have our own personal dreams to fulfill.

We are good at…

We are leaders in what we do and are proud to be the only business dedicated entirely to salmon production in the southern-most waters of our planet. Because of this we are constantly striving to be a positive reference for those working around us.

We are open to change, whether it means adopting new challenges, new procedures, new policies, work teams, or whatever. We are always proactive in seeking ways to improve our daily work, even when things do not pan out as expected and adjustments need to be made. We respond positively to the daily challenges that come our way and to any problems that may occur.

We bring a high degree of professional excellence to every activity we engage in and to all the functions and responsibilities we assume. We always give the best of ourselves and are always concerned about meeting all commitments we have made and doing our daily work, bringing all our personal and team experience and knowledge into play.